We Offer you:

– Wheel & Tire Packages.
– Supension Modification Packages.
– Custom Exhaust Perfomance Systems.
– Over 50 years of BMW Experience.


Whether its fine tuning the family 4 door or upgrading the computer software and hardware in your performance street machine, Bavarian Tuning is the right place for you. We have years of race track proven experience both driving and teaching. We know BMWs inside and out and know how to get the most performance for your dollar. Reliable performance. Performance without reliability is no performance at all.

Don’t be lulled into making poor choices by glib advertisements promising you a rocketship ride for busfare prices. Good, reliable products are not cheap. But they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We’re the professionals and we know how to work with our customers to maximize the cost effectiveness of their automotive investments.

We use only BMW approved parts for all of our technical work. Our Wheel and Tire Packages are second to none. We will ensure that when you make your decision, you will be choosing the right package for your individual machine and your personal driving needs. Those 19-inch Alloy Spoke Wheels can look nice on the internet, but may provide clearance and handling issues on YOUR car.  Avoid problems before they begin. Let us help you make the right choices at the right price for you. So,  whether its a package to spice up Mom’s run around town car or a full out endurance racer, Bavarian Tunng and Motorsport can keep you pointed in the right direction.